Spotted! Yanyun Chen

Yanyun Chen graduated with a BFA first class in digital animation from the first batch of animation students in Nanyang Technological University, and was awarded the Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal Award for academic achievement. Ironically, she never quite understood technology, and prefers to mess around with the analogue world.

She draws, animates characters, makes miniature sets, carves puppets, puts thoughts onto paper, organizes things, gets her hands dirty, and subscribes to a fantastic belief of “piplatchka”.- that is a Czech term for doing something tedious, and making life difficult for one’s self, explained to her by a puppet maker in Prague.

“It is difficult to summarize all my works into one,” Yanyun explains. “They are like her children: each little thing is a story of it’s own, with it’s own personality, it’s past history, it’s specific craziness and it’s bright future. Sometimes they share my personality- both the good and the difficult. Often, I find myself smoking a shisha and thinking that I am only a vessel to give these ideas a form, and bring what I can to their existence; that life is short; that everything is inevitably connected; and thank goodness for all my creature friends.”



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