Exhibition: HIV-Show Me The Love

(Top to Bottom): One Another, A series of 31 soft sculptures by Sean K, SSenippah by Casey Chen.

To commemorate World AIDS Day this year, Arterial Creative in collaboration with Health Promotion Board (HPB) presents HIV – Show Me the Love, an art exhibition that features a mix of local emerging and established artists who have created engaging to provoke the audience to think about their pre-conceived ideas on HIV.

HIV – Show Me the Love resonates a thread of discourse that resides within the spheres of our relationships. The exhibit aims to start people thinking about safer sex within the contexts of their relationships but to also have a more profound understanding on how they communicate, and the trust and respect they have built with their partners.

The art will focus on the importance of self-awareness and open communication with loved ones, attention is drawn to the differences each person can make by protecting themselves and their loved ones from HIV, as well as by showing compassion to those living with HIV. The various artists will communicate through their art their thoughts on love, respect and relationships – how they view trust within a relationship and how by communicating openly with their partners, relationships can be enhanced and also protect each other’s health.

The exhibition opens 24 November  and runs through 24 December at two locales; The Drama Centre and Chan Hampe Galleries at Tanjong Pagar.



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