Spotted! Lester Lai

Seasons is the one thing Lester Lai misses most about Toronto. “This is where I studied and where my family lives, but I was born in Singapore.” he clarifies. “I moved back to Singapore in 2006, and I am now toiling in corporate finance, the darkness of capitalism. The job has however made me more aware and appreciative of works from people like Edward Burtynsky or Brian Ulrich; because it’s those same mines and retail outlets that I promote to investors.”

Lester produces visually compelling work packed full with elements that hint at a story behind the image.”I photograph what I love, and do my best work when the people I love are close to me. I shoot mostly slides, because there’s something about the colors that reminds me of a 17th century dutch painting, say Vermeer or something. Sometimes I wish I knew how to use Photoshop, that way I can use a digital camera to recreate that same look. I photograph because I’m curious to know what something looks like on film, usually quirky things. I’ve recently been intrigued about Alec Soth‘s approach to photography. Together with Doug Dubois he is on top of my list of brilliant photographers.”



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