Spotted! Satasha Wong

Satasha Wong recently graduated from LASALLE, College of the Arts, with a degree in Graphic Design. Her work is characterized by the reverent use of lines, and a fascination for the linear representation of everyday objects and scenarios.

Travels in the Sensorium is a series of information graphic posters centred around synaesthesia, a condition in which stimulation of one sensory pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory pathway. The visual maps portray this condition, and how the five senses are interrelated in coherent ways.

“Here, the concept of movement symbolically mimics flow of the five sensory functions: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch”, Satasha continues. “Water, an organic substance intimately related to biology, was chosen as the element that best represents the connectedness of these sensations. Through my research, the project depicts the journey of a day in contact with water. Drawing from movements inspired by the motion of a spirograph, the data collected has been visualised using lines to represent each time of the day to the next i.e. every time contact with water has been made. The different shades of the lines are meant to communicate the number of senses involved when one particular sensation is experienced.”



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