Spotted! Miao Hanqing

18-year-old Hanqing is currently taking her A Levels at the Hwa Chong Institution (Junior College). She likes brown paper, patterns, badges, vintage buttons and all things small that remind her that the world is beautiful. She also likes flipping her pillow to the cold side.

“I never took any formal art lessons, because I believe that there are things in life you don’t need to sit down and learn, in order to gain love and passion for them. I think that no matter what I’m doing -be it taking photos or illustrating- I’m always looking for a very nostalgic, everyday, yet ethereal atmosphere. I like colors that remind me of memories rather than simply portray something. I love looking at people’s photographs or artworks which are deeply personal, and I have a fascination with sketchbooks/journals/notebooks, because they define a person, condensed within a few pages. Maybe it’s because I’m not meticulous, but I don’t necessarily like artworks that seem finished, polished; if they’re completed, what’s the use of us looking at them?”

“For my coursework, I created an installation presenting a set of two visual diaries put side by side. The theme was split personality and basically the books explore the interaction between the two different characters, split personalities from each other, finding a way to reconcile the divide in the mind. People keep asking me if it’s autobiographical, and honestly I’ve kind of lost sight of that. I believe that by choosing to create diaries, I’m inevitably projecting parts of myself. Which in the end makes sense, as split personalities exist within the same frame of mind.”



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