Er An Qi aka TRASHITY is an artist who takes the undesirables as her greatest source of inspiration. “As an Intermedia designer, I always enjoy trying out different mediums, or mixing them all together. I believe that a  creative person should open up their perceptive and try out different  forms of art and design, as it is important to seek out and identify new expressive media, to create works imbued with an awareness of the coming times.”

The featured art installation was shown as part of the Transmission: Project 2010. It explores the different kinds of perceptions we need to create a personal experience. Trashity continues: “What is experience?  It’s the content of a perception, independent of whether the apparent object actually exist. How you perceive now is being derived from the experience you had before, branching out like a toxic. How do we know if it really happened?”

  • This piece of work really amazes me. It’s like doodle art in an industrial design setting. Very good job for the artist!


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