Spotted! Patricia Goh

Singapore-based Patricia Goh is a graphic designer born with an obsessions for polka dots and baby stalking. Upon graduating in 2008 from PJ College of Art and Design, Malaysia, she was granted the opportunity to further her education in New Zealand’s Wanganui School of Design for a year. During that time, she continued to experiment and explore ways of bringing together all the things that tickled her buttons: books, typography, crafts, photography, paper, illustration and traveling.

“That’s where The Inflatable Confidence Kit was given birth.” Patricia adds. “I have given the book deep thoughts in search of what confidence is. This self-discovery journey ultimately hopes to give its reader the confidence they may find helpful in a light-hearted way. In here, you will find lots of idea-inducing exercises to help you get rid of your inner gremlins. Fetish -2nd image- is a little secret experiment to see if people are really fond of their own fetishes, conducted in the form of an undisclosed paper handed out to anonymous people, scribbled and sealed back, and finally made into a palm-sized book. Inspired by Lonely Planet’s Guide to experimental travel, Venturer -3rd image- is an off-the-beaten-track magazine for people that want to go traveling.”

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