Table For One by Samantha Tio

Come tomorrow, photographer Samantha Tio, will be showcasing a new body of work -titled Table for One– as part of the SIPF 2010.

Table for One marks Samantha’s first solo exhibition and the closure to her year long journey of discovery and chanced encounters with “solo diners”, individuals who dine in solitude at local eateries. This body of work is an intimate survey of Singapore’s eating-out culture with dining interiors as backdrops for monologues of individuality and independence, loneliness and alienation.

Drawing on the concept of constructed spaces shaping socio-cultural norms, Table for One uncovers moments of convergence where individuals negotiate their own private world in these public spaces. In creating this series of portraits, Samantha relies on her chanced encounters with the solo diners weaving her personal narratives into theirs.

Going one step further, Samantha will be hosting a communal dinner for the solo diners she photographed as an act of bringing together an imagined community, reconfiguring the element of the serendipity in her series. Her year long photographic journey has been documented on her blog.

The exhibition runs through 14 November at Food for Thought at 8Q, 8 Queen Street.



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