Spotted! Ashlyn Wong

Currently doing her Diploma in Creative Media Design at Singapore Polytechnic, 19-year-old Ashlyn Wong loves to sleep, eat, play, read and think. But Ashlyn also likes to draw, and after constantly being urged by her lecturers, she decided to participate in the Crowbar Awards 2010, where she clinched 3rd prize in the illustration category.

Ashlyn previously submitted the featured work to the Apprenticeship Programme organized by Noise. The series titled The Happiness of the Imperfectionalities,  seeks to “explore the dirty little secrets of Singapore and the joy of the extremists within the society”. Ashlyn explains: “The works are inspired by the daily life and iconic places in Singapore. For example, ‘Clarke Quay’ (top) was inspired by the volatility of the place. This volatility is due to the abundance of alcohol and its popularity with Singaporeans and foreigners alike as the prime spot for after-work merrymaking. As we all know, alcohol and merrymaking generally equates to drunk people. Hence the portrayal of drunks floating, accidentally falling and drowning in the Singapore river.”



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