Expect nothing ordinary at our kooky carnival, where larger-than-life toys, imaginary friends and strange beings gather to have a super great time. Artwork by AnnGee.

What happens when a classic game that frees your imagination meets the imaginative minds of Singapore’s top illustrators?

The KALKITOS Artist Series, is an exclusive collaboration that is igniting an amazing collection of fascinating new worlds and whimsical landscapes of fantasy, featuring original artworks by AnnGee, Brick, Mindflyer, Twisstii and Mas/Wanton Doodle.

For those of you who did not grow up playing KALKITOS; it is a collection of rub-down transfer activity games that was hugely popular back in the ’70s. Players are given sheets of blank scenery which they can fill up wherever they like with transfer images of people, animals, objects, vehicles to create their own unique stories.

You can catch the artists signing copies at The National Art Gallery Open House on October 9.



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