Spotted! Tilly Soelistyo

Looking beautiful should not be a luxury, but the right of every woman. Based on this philosophy, Tilly Soelistyo conceptualized her label, Tilly.

During her teens of being skinny and scrawny, added with the frustration and desperation of not being able to find suitable clothing that fits her figure, pushed Tilly to design and send her designs for custom tailoring. The hobby turned worth while, as during her junior year in LASALLE, she was one of the top students.

Upon graduation, Tilly worked her way up from being a fashion designer to become the Creative Director for an international ready-to-wear label. After garnering enough experience and seeing how women struggle to find certain clothes that fit their body type, Tilly reaffirms her decision to start her own label. “I have done extensive research and created four signature body types which are the inspirations behind my designs: Dainty Diva, Leggy Lady, Curvy Queens and Glorious Empress,” Tilly explains. “In each collection there are certain styles specially created to flatter each body type. I hope that through certain styles for a certain body type, women can learn to change the way they think about their flaws and enjoy dressing up more. The focus is not to hide your ‘so-called flaws’ with the wrong garments, but to play up your nice features instead. We should carry the clothes, not the other way round. Being confident and having a sensible sense of dressing is the key to being attractive.”



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