ArchiFest ’10: Happy Cities

Opening tomorrow is ArchiFest’10, Singapore’s premier architectural festival, 0rganised by the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA). This year’s event explores the theme of “Happy Cities” and how urban environments can be developed to foster feelings of “happiness” in members of its community.

ArchiFest’10 will examine this through a collection of built and speculative architectural and urban projects conceived under various socio-economical, political and cultural conditions. The theme “Happy Cities” will focus on creative parameters that define places and urban settings, challenging the conventional notions of sustainable urban living.

The month-long event will include a forum centered on the theme of “Happy Cities”, exhibitions, various fringe events, and the much anticipated architectural tours called  ArchiTours. There will be five different types of tours that explore unique facets of Singapore’s architectural landscape.

“Open Office” will offer participants a glimpse into the working lives of architects and designers, leading them into the offices and work spaces of Singapore’s most esteemed architectural firms. In “DomestiCity”, the tour will guide participants through the well-designed private spaces of Singapore’s home-owners, giving them an insight into how unique design elements can effectively meet the lifestyle and personal needs of individual homeowners. “IntricaCity” features how the law and educational institutions have been shaped and supported by the buildings that house them and how revitalising these structures will help them stay relevant in today’s society. Participants on the “ComplexCity” tour will find out how architectural design can impact the flow of ideas and work in our Science and Technology sectors while “VeloCity” will unearth the secrets to Singapore’s public transport system.

This year’s ArchiFest will run from October 4 -coinciding with World Architecture Day- to November 3. Click here for more information.



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