Salted Fish Children’s Book Party

Salted Fish is the National Art Gallery, Singapore‘s first picture book, and it reveals a girl’s first visit to an art museum and her discovery of an important painting by a famous artist in Singapore. If you’re a parent, spend your Saturday with your kid(s) in this programme, which includes story-telling performances, interactive art activities and admission to the exhibition.*

After all, your kid will grow up some day. The Zoo isn’t about to close down tomorrow. Neither will McDonalds. This programme, however, doesn’t come every Saturday.

Details as follows.

Admission fee: $35 for a child and an accompanying parent. Each additional adult pays $12.

The admission includes a pre-autographed copy of Salted Fish as well as a colouring book based on the artworks of the pioneer artist Cheong Soo Pieng.

Please email to RSVP for the party and on Facebook. Tickets can be paid for upfront or at the registration desk by the Glass Hall on the day.

RSVP and Enquiries:
Masitah Ismail
Education Support Officer
DID: + 65 6332 5274
Fax: + 65 6336 5740

* Admission covers ONE adult only. All children below 7 receive free admission but children aged 7 and above must show their student identity cards to receive a waiver of admission.

This article first appeared on blankanvas, 1 October 2010.



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