Spotted! Samantha Quek

Art has always been a passion for 18-year-old Samantha Quek, but she only realized her potential when she entered ACS (Independent), and took Higher Level Art under the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. “As I watched my classmates create beautiful pieces, I was determined not to fall short. With encouragement from my family, teachers and friends, as well as my refusal to settle for mediocre work, I managed to nurture my own style.”

Samantha’s art has mostly been monochromatic, consisting of pencil and pen pieces. She enjoys isolating objects, and recreating them as realistically as possible on paper. “I appreciate technical skill greatly, and thus I set for myself the highest standards for all of my drawings. I recently joined LASALLE as a foundation year student, with a new goal of learning to paint. In September, I created my first painting of Marilyn Monroe. I would like to think that in essence- anyone can do art. With patience, passion and perseverance, nothing too mountainous should hinder a person from creating beauty.”



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