Spotted! Allison Marie Low

21-year-old Allison Marie Low graduated the Temasek Polytechnic Design school with a diploma in Visual Communications in 2009. Since then she has moved to Sydney where she enrolled at the College of Fine Arts. “I wrote a lot in my earlier years and started school hoping to be a copywriter,” she adds. “I started tipping over toward drawing in my second year at Temasek and did a lot of illustration projects. In my third year, I compiled a book of illustrated poems about personal experiences for my Final Year Project, and it became very clear to me at that point that the life of a designer probably wasn’t what I was built for.”

“I am constantly moved by the magnitude of human emotion. And up till now, a lot of what I have tried to articulate in a painting or in a piece of writing has been a manifestation of a personal experience or a representation of something or someone who moved me enough to “document” it in the first place. I’m not sure how to explain it. It’s almost like a love affair. I started learning to draw and paint when my best friend sat me down to teach me the proportions of a human face about two years ago. Soon after, I started painting in watercolors. I fell in love with pencils and paint and I’ve never been more engaged. It moves me. And even though there is no promise of success in art, I cannot keep myself from it. The future is open ended, but I wouldn’t invest it any other way. “Where you invest your love, you invest your life.” (Mumford and Sons – Awake my soul).”

Pictured are two recent gouache and pencil works from Allison’s moleskine sketchbook. Take a gander around her portfolio for more lovely work.



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