Breathe Again by Christina Chua

TriSpace presents Breathe Again– featuring work by Fine Arts graduate, Christina Chua. Working with fabric as her main medium, Christina is especially intrigued by the nostalgia embodied in the boundaries of drawing. “I believe stitching and embroidery create new forms of drawing and have the innate ability to express my identity and experiences from my childhood till present.”

In Breathe Again, Christina continues to expand the boundaries of art-making with the use of thread to create marks. Her belief that simple stitches can form dots, then lines in continuous form, suggests suffocation, growth and extreme fragmentation. This act and use of such feminine material creates a density that disorientates vision and provokes a feeling of suspension, and enclosure: a holding of breath. Like the growth of plants and flowers, Chua’s works appropriate abstract images to illustrate the transformation of the self.

Breathe Again remains at TriSpace, #B1-05, LASALLE through 22 September.



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