Spotted! Tan Yao

After graduating last year Tan Yao, has kept himself very busy serving his country. He allows himself some creativity and fits it around whatever free time he can make for himself.

“My work mainly consists of stencil pieces. I started out painting, but I got tired of mixing paint, and I always had a hard time trying to get the right colour combination. So I decided to try my hand at spray paint. During that time I was very much interested in graffiti and stenciling, with Blek le Rat as my main source of inspiration. For my Extended Essay, I decided to explore the topic of graffiti and how it represents the voice of our current generation. During my research, the art of using stencils gradually started to appeal to me, and I decided to incorporate it into my work. For my Final Year project, I had a total of 18 pieces which revolved around the theme of unconventional beauty, along with many other sub themes of female oppression and racial discrimination.”

What’s next for Yoa? “I’ve just been accepted into the Architecture course at NUS. Yay!”



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