Spotted! Yun Ting Lee

Yun Ting Lee holds a Fashion Degree from the Raffles Design Institute, and a Diploma in Fashion Design from LASALLE, College of the Arts. In 2009, she was one of the selected designers for the ‘Resuscitation’ art and fashion exhibition, curated by Woods & Woods, presenting a three-outfit collection made out of used clothing.

“For me, art, philosophy and history synthesize and form a fundamental part of my aesthetic view,” Yun Ting explains. “I enjoy exploring how the fusion intersects with social phenomena now, thus reflecting it in my designs to form functionality and contemporary fashion.”

Titled Cognizance of this moving universe whirled along by Time, a quote from Marcel Proust’s autobiographical novel ‘À la recherche du temps perdu‘, Yun Ting’s collection explores involuntary memory and the unconscious. “The collection also portraits his recognition of the past in present moments by incorporating elements of past clothing into present and modern looking designs,” she adds. “By coining involuntary memories, some of the garments incorporate second hand products or clothing. Also, elements like opening details visible on the back of the garment, represent memories which are lodged in the back of our mind.”



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