Spotted! Wilmer Pan

Wilmer Pan is a graphic designer by the day, and k.0627 by night. “I do like to keep a low profile, therefore the pen name k.0627, and let my work do the talking,” he adds.

To be released in four chapters with an interval of three to four months, “Cho Pop!” is Wilmer’s attempt to create something different from what’s out there.

Wilmer explains: “I am particularly fascinated by the concept of time, thus the creation of my resident characters, the Darjeekas. “Cho Pop!” is a pseudo-comic featuring the ‘Darjeekas’. The story makes use of QR barcodes as dialogue as I like the idea of the audience interacting with the illustrations. I don’t really fancy the idea of producing works just purely for the audience’s consumption. There should be a two-way process when it comes to art. The storyline of “Cho Pop” is an amalgam of various pop cultures, mainly obscure films and animations, plus some original bits from my life experiences.”



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