Spotted! Caroline Kan Su-Wei

Caroline Kan Su-Wei just finished the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program at the Anglo-Chinese School where she took higher level Visual Art. “Recently, I’ve tried to live my life in a bit of a creative bubble, exploring new fields and trying to embrace those I’ve shied away from (like drawing, which I loathe),” she continues. “On that note, this September, I’m off to Central Saint Martins, where I enrolled in their Foundation Studies, Art and Design course. Whether I’ll continue to pursue design or foray into fashion journalism is still unknown, but therein lies the beauty of life’s whimsicality.”

Caroline about her Paper Dress: “For my final year exam, I created a collection around the exploration of identity (mine), which was a rather epic personal journey. The piece explores emotional fragility, and how our pain is often masked with aesthetics and ridiculously attractive embellishments; how else is one supposed to survive life’s rough patches? I chose paper as a medium for fairly obvious reasons: it’s common, everyday, and often overlooked/taken for granted; it’s pretty fragile, especially in comparison to our urban concrete jungle of today and it’s widely available (for practical reasons). I wanted the dress to be irresistibly pretty, gentle, and feminine, but also be structured and exude a sense of strength. I like toying with contradictions and perspective, where pieces work in different ways and on different levels, because that way, it’s kept honest. No one has life figured out: things change, and can often be very confusing. The ambiguity keeps the observer wondering, ‘fragile, attractive, strong, sturdy, questionably perfect, layered, delicate,’ I like people to think (there’s no singular answer).”



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