Spotted! Yen Lin Teng

Yen Lin Teng is currently in her second year at NUS, majoring in either Literature or Theatre Studies. “I work mostly with paper and canvas, but I also do installation works dealing with lines, perspective, and space,” she continues. “In my work, I am mostly interested in the idea of lines. It seems to me that when one renders objects on paper in terms of a simple line drawing, all objects are reduced to one common factor: lines. What were once solid, stable objects become images to be played with and unraveled, shifted around and transformed. It also amazes me that lines, simple, weightless and unidimensional, can be used to create complex, multi-dimensional forms.”

Building Gulliver was inspired by what Yen Lin saw as similarities between lines and paper. “At that point in time (2008), I was exploring the ability of lines (one dimensional) to create through drawings two dimensional images, that could further convey three-dimensional forms. Concurrently, I was looking into paper architecture, and trying to tease out how simple cuts and folds could transform a piece of paper into a 3D presence. Building Gulliver was a response to these divergent threads, and a way for me to explore the intersection between 2D and 3D forms.”



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