Spotted! Eric Foenander

“I draw stuff. It’s all I’ve done, and loved doing, since I first saw my dad pick up a pencil and sketch out a cheetah for me.”

Eric Foenander has been illustrating, painting, and doing all things artsy fartsy since he was a 3-year-old toddler. His earlier years had him delve into, and focus on oils and acrylic. Since then, he has developed primarily into a digital artist, and Eric is now a full time illustrator/art director at Ogilvy & Mather and lead designer for Bedsty musicpartiesdesign. “I just wanna end up drawing stuff I wanna draw. For the rest of my life, really,” he adds.

“The above illustration, done for the AIDS awareness issue of Kult magazine, is an accompanying piece to help illustrate the fact that More than 6,000 people world-wide contract the virus every day,” Eric explains. “The different kinds of people shown that make up the blue sphere, inspired by the shape of the AIDS virus itself, show the range of people that the AIDS virus affects. The child’s face, centered, gives further emphasis that the AIDS virus does not extricate age.”



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