Spotted! Wei Liat Tan

Wei Liat Tan graduated with a Master of Architecture degree from RMIT University, Melbourne. He is the winner of the 2009 Antonia Bruns Memorial Prize for his thesis project entitled: Memory of the World and was featured in MONUMENT Magazine [Issue 93]. In 2010, his thesis project was short-listed for the 2010 Australian Institute of Architects BVN Graduate Prize in Architecture. “My future architectural goal is to hone my skills into designing buildings that can move people and learn to be more sensitive to the intangible side of architecture.”

Memory of the World” is a project about preserving documentary heritage around the world. Books, films, music recordings and digital media, are snapshots of our history, our culture and our beliefs. They form the foundations of our society and remind us the significance of our existence. “However, this memory is fragile because everyday, parts of this memory disappear forever,” Wei Liat continues. “Why do we need to archive and protect this memory? Our existence in the universe is short lived. Monuments will succumb to ruin and so will life, for all matter are just candles in the wind in the perpetual eyes of time. However, our knowledge and the records of our history, is vitally important, unique and precious if we place our existence among the millions of galaxies in the universe.”

This “Global Archive” seeks to preserve every published work by mankind thus celebrating the diversities of our world and aspires to be the sanctum of unity and global solidarity and a conducive environment for reading, communicating, contemplation, reflection and rest. It serves as a bridge for the indifferences of our society and a platform for learning and understanding people from different races and cultures.

The organic language of tree branches is used extensively to articulate circulation, structures and landscape. As they merge and intertwine with one another, it represents cultures coexisting together forming a structure of a society. The circle is a basic shape that expresses a unity of books and knowledge.

The concept of the eye was central to the idea and binds together with all the other symbolisms to represent “Memory of the World”. The eye is often said to be the window of the soul and in this project, the archive is an eye of the world and the window of its soul is its memory.



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