Spotted! Malvina Tan

Malvina Tan enjoys creating art installations, and she defines them as cellophane dreams; her ability to warp how she views each day by simply looking through a different sheet of cellophane each time. Having traveled through time, she feels strange in her surroundings. Malvina wishes she was living in the 1980s.

“Randomly surreal would be the basis of evolution for my creations,” Malvina explains. “Extreme interests in human beings, I dissect them physically and emotionally, then translate my findings through art.  My surgeries are conducted in my own backyard. During my spare time, I like to ride on velvet ponies and fly kites with fairies and unicorns.  I am currently trying to get out of a washing machine.”

The featured work is Malvina’s quirky take on the possibility of being able to purchase a sexual organ off the shelf, one that comes nicely packed, in a plastic envelope.

Malvina held her first solo exhibition in 2008 at ‘House’ located at Dempsey Road, as part of the ‘Adopt an Artist’ program.  Most recently, she exhibited her mixed media works alongside other artists at 12x: An Art Experiment.



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