Spotted! Nathalie Théry

Nathalie Théry is a half-French half-Singaporean concoction, who recently graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a diploma in Visual Communication, majoring in Photography. “I focus mainly on fashion photography, but I also love to shoot food and products,” says Nathalie. “I started sketching and designing in secondary school,  but I soon realized that I liked capturing the fashion that was in my head, versus sewing up the garment. At that time my brother was doing photography for gigs at various clubs. I got interested and decided to merge my interest in fashion with photography. I also like to style my own shoots when time permits.”

For her final year project, Nathalie put together a lovely photographic project and a concept magazine to boot. The publication titled Wonderer, carries beautiful content from Nat’s shutter around three themes: Perpetual,  The Asylum and Native Spatiality. We’ve put up a couple of images for your viewing pleasure.

Nathalie set off to Melbourne last month to do her BA in photography at RMIT. You go girl!



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