Spotted! Roy Wang

Roy Wang began his Fine Arts training at age 3, but it was only in the past 5 or 6 years that he started experimenting with Photography and Graphic Design.” I think no matter what I do, I look at incorporating different realms together, because I believe fundamentally art is a form of universal passion and expression, and bringing these different principles together does allow for innovation and the element of the ‘unexpected’ in conveying what I want to say,” Roy adds. “Currently majoring in Visual Communications does allow me, in a lot of ways, to  bring forth design principles to my Art concepts, inspiring a more liberal approach and a spirit of nonconformity in producing my work.”

Fantasies of a Concrete Jungle is a series of ten photographs exploring the societal conflict between technology, the human race and nature.

Roy explains: “Societies progress and embark on more technological exploits, and nature has to pay price, and one wonders if we will  get to experience this natural warmth of beauty tomorrow. This is especially so for city dwellers like us, surrounded by a concrete jungle.  For my work, I am using a futuristic, fantastical and imaginative approach, which I guess is pretty childlike and vulnerable in many ways. The piece questions whether nature, in the future, would exist simply as a fantasy or a constructed fragment of our history.”



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