We Do Not Condone Trolls

Here at Culturepush, we welcome the freedom of speech wholeheartedly. We respect every reader’s fundamental right to express his or her opinions on any local artist’s works as herewith highlighted by us. Constructive criticism, we believe, will lead to the betterment of our local artists.

However, we do not condone trolls.

We do not welcome futile, unintelligent, petty comments made by trolls who haven’t got the courage to use their real names or email addresses when providing their feedback. Of late, one may have noticed an unusual wave of insults hurled by seemingly random readers of Culturepush. These comments were in fact, made by the same troll. The beauty of the Internet is such that while a coward may be able to hide behind his or her computer using fake names and email addresses to attack innocent parties, he or she can’t escape the fact that traces are often left behind. IP address, to cite an example.

With immediate effect, the following comments with the same principal IP address will be promptly deleted from Culturepush. Double-click on the image to view a larger piece.

And for all curious, the troll hails from Milton, QLD,  Australia. Here’s the address for all interested:

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Address: PO Box 2131
City: Milton
StateProv: QLD
PostalCode: 4064
Country: AU

  • DK

    The address is a PO Box. Which is most likely his ISP's mailing address.

    Even if you managed to find his home address, publishing it in public isn't a nice thing to do.

  • hello trolls, good bye! =)

  • samalexa

    Wow… someone is certainly too free over in the land downunder. Either that or he/she needs psychiatric help for MPD cos that's one helluva group he/she has there.

  • Florian

    How do you know that he isn't using someone's other internet connection (e.g. wireless)?

  • Actually the IP is a SingNet address. The QLD address belongs to the IP query company or registry. Something like that.

    So our troll is most likely a local.

    And young. A man-child of sorts.


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