Spotted! Tan Jun Yuan

Tan Jun Yuan is a fresh off BA Industrial Design from the National University of Singapore.  The featured work titled -A Vase is a Hiding Place- is Jun Yuan’s vase definition developed during a workshop organized by Hans Tan Studio, where “vase” was chosen as the subject to be reconceptualized.

Jun Yuan about his work: “My work is a  series of x-ray prints which tell the story of a person using his vase to hide various things in the different stages of his life – from youth to middle age (when he was caught having an affair). The statement, “A vase is a hiding place” is my take on the reconceptualization of the notion of a vase.

  • Nova

    Its neither art nor design!!
    No wonder Singapore art and design is going nowhere
    theres too much junk around
    Its a losing cause when art and design is being lead by gurus of rubbish!

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