Spotted! Lum En-Ci

Lum En-Ci aka Luca graduated from Nanyang Junior College’s AEP programme last year, and will be pursuing a degree at NUS, postponing her education in the Fine Arts. “I am especially interested in exploring ideas involving human perception, intimacy, language, the otherworldly, and the mundane.”

The premise behind the featured work titled (A)stray, is that of a series of images “gone (A)stray”. “They were taken years back and were dug out specifically for submission to the 12x Exhibition at Evil Empire,” Luca explains. “The main intention of the work is so show the dissonance and harmony between words, images, and human perception. I find it interesting, how the type of words are used to play off the imagery. For the first photograph (the motel), the words used tend to be very self-focused, even a little dirty. It’s an image that conveys both intimacy and loneliness. On the other hand, the Lake/Boats image conjures up very content, peaceful, intimate, private words. The vocabulary for the last photograph (of York Minster cathedral), tends to the grandiose, overbearing, and esoteric. Closed words. The list of words below each image were conceived by asking fellow acquaintances about the word they feel evokes the image most. The tenses of the words do deviate, intentionally so. This is because some of the words are only as effective and evocative in a certain form.”



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