Spotted! Ezekiel Wong Kel Win

LASALLE graduate, Ezekiel Wong Kel Win left his home country Malaysia for an education in Singapore at age five. Trained in the faculty of Fine Arts (Painting), Kel Win’s works highlight conflicts, confrontations, and questions he has about life.  “I use a comical aspect to give my work a twisted view, and mock the reality of the real world. I often use photography, video and pastel colors, to express imaginary illustrations in my head and reactions to my surroundings,” he adds.

Kel Win’s latest work titled Everyone is a propagandist? was showcased at the 2010 LASALLE Show: “The human tongue is the most powerful weapon that symbolizes speech and it is a restless evil, filled with deadly poison that no human being can tame,” Kel Win explains. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, it is the one of the causes of many conflicts, which happen as a result of someone’s expression through the tone in their speech or the way they craft their words. It is just easily prone to manipulation. As for other non-verbal communications such as our body language, eye contact and facial expressions, I consider them to be processes that will trigger the tongue to speak.   In my work, I am dealing with the many different types of sayings about the tongue – such as, “Speak of the Devil”. It is through these sayings or proverbs that we can describe or classify how a person speaks, and it can also be a reminder to the individual to think before saying anything. Hence, speech is indeed influential and is also easily prone to manipulation. Now, what is the main instrument to create speech? It is through the use of our tongue? By illustrating different kinds of sayings and sayings of my own, I hope to show how the human tongue has the power to influence people.”



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