Spotted! Khatija Aslam

Khatija Aslam is a  recent graduate from the Industrial Design course at NUS, who enjoys studying cultures and human behaviors to translate them into meaningful designs. “Combining human intuition with practicality gives more spirit to a product and that is something I always try to achieve in my designs in order to enable people to relate to them better,” she adds.

“My design -titled Dine Away- is inspired by the mundane and inflexible dining patterns of students living in halls and dorms away from home,” Khatija explains. “Dine Away serves as a portable dining kit that allows the flexibility of expanding your dining space anywhere, anytime with a meaningful one step unfolding experience.”

  • Florencio

    Its actually a good idea except it’s completely useless in reality!
    The good idea is that the packing has an inlet for fork and spoon.

    In reality, who would wanna be seen carrying a ‘lunch box”? (cheapskate)
    BTW,the lunch box looks ugly and is uncomfortable to hold
    its a ‘crime’ to be seen carrying one of those…
    Then, the designer will defend and say, “pack it and put in the bag”
    It has always been a tupperware (pack inside the bag)….. so what’s new?
    Common sense, isn’t it?

    My opinion is that it suits more to a packaging design (eat and throw) rather than a portable dining kit.

  • Chuan

    for every NUS industrial design graduate, there will be ‘moral support’ from the Singaporean (example, nice work… good job, etc) but no one even defend this poor lass against the critic from florencio!!!??

    So it seems that ‘Singaporean help Singaporean’ only applies to the ‘majority’…..
    anyway,good effort and wish you all the best in the design industry!

  • khatija

    thank you for your comments..
    i think i can defend myself considering we re all on our own out here at the end of the day anyway…
    the idea was to have a straight up convenient way of packing your food(it folds in one step rather neatly), bringing it back and then storing your utensils as one entity (if you may have not noticed its targeted towards students living in dorms who have to share their kitchen and shelving spaces with other people as well)..

    its just an idea and its not like ive set it in stone so if the opportunity arises to expand the product into another market, it could also become such that its more of a one time thing!

  • bi-z

    I would like to disagree with Florencio. While I stand by the “to each his own” philosophy, I feel that his comments are very archaic. I definitely don't see this as an eyesore or as a “crime” to be seen with, in fact in Singapore many people are rushed for time and meal time may be a luxury. Khatija's idea is quite futuristic in the sense that it makes the process of eating at your desk or even taking away more colourful for starters but also compact and eco-friendly.
    I would definitely get my hands on one of these and replace my plastic tupperware. I like how it looks like it can slide right into one of my desk drawers at work! =)

  • mg

    This could be promising if executed well!

    I have had trouble carrying boiling hot liquid stuff around. No matter how you seal the curry or soup finds a way around. Anything that will save my backpack?

    Is the glass sealed/packaged along? With Singapore's obsession with cleanliness, i would love a stash napkins added to this somehow..

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  • Stemavi

    Hi Khatija Aslam. I would like to contact you about the dine away. I would like to talk about the posibility of offer it in Colombia- Please contact me or let me know how to contact you. Cheers. Steven M.

  • well wisher

    what this has to do with the student living in dorm. I think for storage purposes student do have other better options. It is more like a lunch box but in a very modernize or a futuristic look. Overall a decent effort. I like your designing skills and can expect for way better and innovative products. Good luck

  • Vignaraj

    Congrats my dear friend on you success. Yup, I get it as this way of serving/packing  meals should be practice.
    It also shows that hygiene in preparing our meals daily.

  • Filipe

    HI, I like very much this stuff. I want buy one of this, i nedd one because every day I eat my meal away from home and no restaurant. Can you send me and email with cotation? I’m from Portugal. thanks.

  • Hello Felipe,
    I have asked the designer to get in touch with you directly.


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