Spotted! Yong Ping Loo

Yong Ping Loo is a graduating Singaporean at London College of Communication, from the Graphic Media Design course. Yong Ping recently made a strong statement at the 2010 D&AD Student Awards with his work titled Disappearing Cities,  which won him an entry in the D&AD Annual.

In this year’s Moving Images category, students were given the challenge to work around the theme of mankind’s fascination with city living. The objective was to explore the concept of ‘The Disappearing City’ through storytelling, with a work of moving image at it’s core.

Yong Ping about his entry: “The short film shares the personal reflection of a young girl who prefers the online/ digital world to the physical natural world. At 16 Million strong, kids between the ages of 2 to 11 years old are the fastest growing online population to date. We are witnessing a disappearing generation who are slowly but surely transferring their existence online. The film is extended into another medium in the form of children’s shoes left empty and isolated around London in places where children used to play (playgrounds, parks). Thus, transforming the short film into an educational piece which addresses the issue of children spending too much time in an online virtual reality.”

Yong Ping’s film was also translated into an ambient ad, images of which can be found here.

  • John

    It’s garbage!!
    Any Ah Tan, Ahmad or Arumugam can do this with a videocam and a fake accent….

    clearly this shows that no matter how far you travel, US, UK, Australia or Africa…
    overseas degree means shit and a waste of money when you are born untalented in the field that you study…..

  • Samuel

    Define ‘won’ an entry in D&AD Annual?

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  • Ben

    Aww, don’t be a hater Johnny boy.
    if you can’t really honestly win one, buy one!
    The Quantimatium is really good value for money. Promise. As Advertised.

  • michele

    I think this dude did a pretty good job. I like his idea.

    John: You’ve just insulted the D&AD. You know what’s garbage? Open your mouth, it’s all there.

  • Randy

    Would love to see some of your work, John.

  • Ping

    in D&AD, u either win a Pencil or u win an 'In Book' where all the top entries from the year are published in the D&AD Annual awards book.

  • Ping

    Clearly you sound bitter. Life in Singapore not sweet for you?

  • Jeremy

    I love Ping's video.

  • Suhui

    Hahaha, evidently John's head has gotten a little big. Unless you're a D&AD judge, shut up.

  • Jin

    dear sir,
    i'd just like to point out the logical fallacy in your kind comment on mr loo yong ping's work.
    ''…shit and a waste of money…'' – cf.… – shit is actually quite valuable economically.
    and since we're on the subject of fallacies, please define, 'clearly.' i think you must have a different perspective on that word, since the oxford dictionary suggests that it is an ''adverb, 1) with clarity. 2) obviously; without doubt.''
    one certainly wonders how your kind attack on mr loo's work and your further suggestion that it 'clearly' or shall we say, 'with clarity', or even 'without a doubt' suggests his overseas degree ''means shit'' since he is born untalented, are warranted. how on earth do you, 'without a doubt' justify this statement, further considering he got an award, and is featured on culturepush.
    the only thing that is clear is that you are a very sad human.

  • Misskelliekoh

    hey John.. why not show us some of your works before YOU TALK SO MUCH CRAP………

  • LorraineSt

    Oh come on, if you can’t handle criticism, don’t post your work!
    When you post your work, you can’t expect everyone to be hypocrite and say nice things to boost your ego!

    If you are not ready to face the music, just simply show it to your friends, family or your relatives…

    seriously, i find it rubbish!
    It shows amateurish, unoriginal and i am confused on what is your direction?
    But if you want me to ‘boost’ your ego,
    i could say “cool work, you be the next Singapore’s most influencial Creative Directorl!”

    Lastly, its kinda childish to ask someone to post their portfolio ( even when you, yourself are not posting yours )
    Even if John were to post his portfolio and his work is extremely good,
    would you all admit that it’s good or would you take ‘revenge’ and just criticize ?
    Grow up!!

  • Ping

    i perfectly welcome constructive criticism =)

  • Randy

    Hi LorraineSt

    Of course if John posts his work, and it is really good, I will give credit when credit is due. It is easy to be an arm chair critique, and the design profession is one of the most unforgiving industries. I think the issue is really an almost arbitrary comment directed at a piece of work that has been awarded a place in the D&AD Annual—which is something some studios dream all their lives of getting but never do.

    So should I, an “oversea–degree” holder as well (in fact from the same University as Yong Ping) not take any offence to what John said? Given that Ping’s work has been acknowledged by luminaries such as Shane Walter and well, all I can see is that John is merely a bitter internet troll?

    And by the way, my work can be viewed at and I am working now at legendary UK studio SEA.

  • Evon

    Before you even open your gap, you should have the maturity to understand that the work's based on a brief and in the context of UK. Im beginning to wonder if there is an underlying despise in your addressing the 'Ah Tan', 'Ahmad' and 'Arumugam'. My advice: be very careful not to (and to not) offend the cosmopolitan nation.

    All criticisms will help Ping build a better portfolio in future but it's juvenile to make a sweeping statement such as your last. Again, dont say things only to eat your words later. The only clear observation is that you have been deprived of an elite education.

  • LorraineSt

    Yeah,good portfolio work, Randy
    The difference between your work and loo is talent.
    I think thats what John meant..
    “it doesn't matter which school or country you go to, as long as you got talent.. the talent will show in your work.”

  • Colin

    Lots of comments in this space
    I am surprise to see there
    are people who bothered
    to read to culturepush.

    Initially, i thought that nobody cares about
    Singapore design scene?

    I think it become better when negative comments are not deleted
    It shows interaction and that would lead to a better design community

  • Seems like its more of your agenda to bring down Yong Ping then to actually give constructive criticism. And as I've first suspected, a bitter sore loser.

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