Spotted! Arthur Lim

Arthur Lim is a fresh graduate from the National University of Singapore, Industrial Design course. “I enjoy probing for deeper meanings between the relationships of objects, people, environment and society,” he says. “I believe that my role as a designer is to be a mediator that reconciles these very relationships, while having lots of fun along the way of course.”

White & Wood is a collection of office furniture designed to harmonize and reflect the fusion of living and working in workspaces nowadays. Arthur explains: “Consisting of soft shapes and materials, W² aims to take away the edginess and seriousness that have come to typify most working environments. A table and cabinet make up the core of the design while the other components are selected and attached to them by means of a simple hooking system, providing individuals with a customizable workspace. White & Wood is helping you mediate between living and working.”

White & Wood was designed for the Technigroup Productive Workplace Competition 2009, and clinched the top prize.

  • colin

    good job. keep it up

  • Great design. Love it so much.

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