Banner Shuffle: Clogtwo

Eman Raharno aka Clogtwo has been practicing graffiti art for the past six years involving human science, religion and horror into his style, to create provocative messages in his visuals.

“Apart from acrylic or oil painting on canvas, graffiti isn’t a permanent form of art,” he adds. “You may take three to four days spray painting a wall under the harsh weather, and it takes less than a day to paint it over in white. Just like life is. We have to forgive, forget and move on, making life much easier to live by with no regrets.”

As a motion graphic artist and videographer, Clogtwo feels that it’s harder to tell a story through static visuals, hence, he tries to apply as much details into his painting, so that the viewer can admire or be judgmental against it, as long as the message reaches across.

Currently, Clogtwo is working closely with the theories of space and the multi-verse against the traditional legends and stories from folklores.



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