Spotted! Benjamin Koh

All doors swung open over the last couple of days to reveal the work of the final-year Arts and Design Students. For most visitors, it’s a chance to become immersed in the mad, the bad, the bonkers and the totally inspired. It’s all there. Over the next few weeks, you will get a sampling from the various shows.

First up is LASALLE graduate, Ben Koh. Ben views graphic design as a noble profession, with ethics and values that should continue to be upheld in this increasingly digital era. He firmly believes in the intrinsic capacity of humans to be emphatically and emotionally engaged about great design solutions; or even the simplest of gestures that touch us in a very human way.

Pepper & Cinnamon is Ben’s ongoing labor of love, showcasing work that cuts across many design disciplines.

Ben on the featured works:  “Year of Astronomy (Image 1) is a calendar cum poster series. The modular nature encourages tactile exploration and perforation for the month and date portions can be torn away, enabling the calendar to also function as stand-alone posters. Not only does a calendar tell the days and dates apart, but it is also how each unique user treats it that makes it special. A calendar can not only look visually pleasing, but it also has this interesting ability to transform a dull or empty space into an area that demands attention. A Day With Water – Iconography (Image 2) is an infographic booklet documenting the semiotics of events that occurred on 7th February 2009.”



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