Spotted! Tiffany Wong

Tomorrow sees the opening of Nanyang’s Design and Media Degree Show, showcasing the works created by graduates from the BA (Hons) Graphic Communication and Multimedia courses.

Tiffany Wong is our graduate of the day. She  likes to observe, listen and absorb what is going on in her environment. Thinking and analyzing form the prelude to shaping her perspectives and opinions. “Then the artist in me takes over and frees my creative alter ego to paint a new landscape in my mind,” she adds. “Life for me is like a canvas; my experiences are like different colors, rich and varied with tone and depth. I continue to paint this canvas.”

Do You See What I See? is the title of the featured works. Tiffany in her own words: “Adults in a modern setting in Singapore are subjected to many distractions and activities. They no longer see the ‘joys’ in their lives; their thoughts are distorted by life’s events. Simple things in life are often overlooked. The local environment has impaired their ability to imagine and see beyond the obvious. The concept of a curious, open-minded approach embodies a representation of how we can look at ordinary items and see new things or perceive situations differently. The simple things are the ones that we miss every day.  For me this project inspires me to see new things, create new visions and appreciate potential realities. The works presented are my visual interpretation of imagination beyond perception. The abstract elements of the design stimulate thinking and imagination beyond the boundaries of what is visible.”

The show opens tomorrow at 7pm and runs through 29 May. Venue is the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Gallery 1 & 2, Lim Hak Tai Gallery.



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