GRAFFITI ASIA is the first book to examine the spread of graffiti in Asia, concentrating mainly on Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea and Taiwan, as well as the Philippines, China and Hong Kong.

Interviews provide an insight into the life of the graffiti artist in countries far removed from the graffiti origins in the US. They discuss the most popular graffiti locations, the attitudes of each country towards the idea of graffiti, and the network of established and emerging artists across the region.

The material in the book was collected first hand by the authors, who traveled around Asia photographing pieces, throw-ups, drip tags and more, as well as interviewing the featured artists.

ARTKORE is throwing a book launch party on 27 May (8pm-10pm) at Paper People, 49 Haji Lane. There is going to be live graffiti, a mini exhib, Graff on Girls and Skope X Paper People Blackbooks. So go grab some food and booze, or get high on xylene fumes. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up a copy of the book. It retails at $38. You can also pre-order a copy via



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