Let’s talk about Kevin Lester

This video has been making the rounds since April with great force and for good reason. I’m sure that many of you will already be familiar with Kevin Lester’s “Rockstar” video, a collaboration with freelance videographer Yadin Mohamed and vocal scratcher Eric Foenander.  For this side project -the online free for download album “Let’s talk about Kevin Lester”- the 25-year-old rapper, songwriter and producer collaborated with local videographers and animators to challenge himself and the scene.

Kevin started out in 2002 at “Platform 2”. It was at this open mic that he enjoyed positive reviews and numerous call backs. He continued to create a buzz and scored a featuring role in local sensation, TripleNoize’ s second album; Noisy Fm.

In 2005 he joined “Bonafide Vintage Flav’r” and had commercial as well as critical success with the release of the e.p. “The BVF Project” featuring the number 1 radio hit “Feels Good”.  The group has since disbanded but Kevin took this opportunity to fulfil a career long dream. He helped form SIXX, a hip hop band played with live instruments.

The  free for download album will be soon available from facebook and myspace. Until then, enjoy the Rockstar video and soak up the Kevin Lester vibe.



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