Spotted! Clarence Lam

The Noise Apprenticeship Program in 2009 first introduced Clarence Lam to photography, when he was mentored by photographer, Tan Kheng Ju to produce a series of work for the Gallery Hotel.

Clarence has always been passionate about the arts, and he brought his background as a designer and a dancer into his photographs. In his work, Clarence places great emphasis on art direction, together with the use of color and lighting, to bring out the aesthetics. “I immediately fell in love with dance photography when I came across the work of renowned dance photographers  Lois Greenfield and Tan Ngiap Heng,” he explains. “I hope to carry on what they have started in the world of dance photography.”

Currently pursuing a BFA in Photography and Digital Imaging at the NTU School of Art, Design and Media, Clarence is working on several projects exploring the key ideas of dance. “Most of my works are focused on the exploration of dance in photography, as well as the various emotions experienced by a dancer. However, I prefer to use or even create an environment that goes beyond the stage.” he adds. “In that process, I attempt to introduce elements of the bizarre and the surreal, and also explore the other relationships in dance, apart from the ones we see in a performance.”



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