Spotted! Nurhidayah Moliano

Nurhidayah Moliano is a student at the Nanyang Academy Of Fine Art, majoring in Fine Art Photography. “To explore my artistic interests, I enrolled myself at NAFA,” she explains. “I choose to major in Photography as I developed the interest during the foundation year. I feel that through capturing images, I am able to spark new found relationships with the other. I enjoy photographing portraitures of common people but with differences, and the sameness they shared though divided, is what binds them human together. I get a sense of satisfaction experiencing reality of life in different ways by the varied stories shared when interacting with people. It made me reflect, reconnect and look back upon the basis of humanity. It is also a point where I developed myself to be a better being and to be in touch with reality.”

Being brought up in Hougang for 20 years,  Nurhidayah Moliano was fascinated by the varied personalities, lifestyles and stories of the people living around her. Seeing them develop and grow, with some from being complete strangers to very close neighbors.

Aiman and Nada (pictured above) are probably my favourite kids, and I have seen them grown up in the neighbourhood since they were babies. It was unfortunate that their house kitchen got on fire during the period I was doing this project. The house was in a complete mess. I went to visit the house, but the kitchen was cleaned up and the aftermath of it was the rooms and hall. It was filled with the kitchen wares. This incident has affected the mother who is now using an electric cooker, and she claims she has developed a phobia of fire cooking. Initially I wanted to photograph their youngest daughter aged 7, whose space is being invaded by outside objects (the toaster). Their morning routine of toasting bread now happens in her room. While photographing her, the younger brother so badly want to be part of the shoot. He spontaneously wore a rabbit mask and went in front of the camera. So, I added him in the shoot, directing him to sit under the desk. Being kids, it was easy to work with them and to get their innocent expressions which I found so beautiful.”



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