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At the age of 14, Jackson Aw decided that he wanted to explore art. After spending three years on painting, he realized that wasn’t enough. He eventually picked up a camera and started shooting.

“I was hungry for knowledge and I started taking jobs. The line between work and interest eventually merged,” he continues. “I swore by film and went on to try anything I could get my hands on. The bulk of my personal work is actually shot on film, mostly 120mm and 4X5. I am particularly intrigued by photojournalism and devote most of my time to it. I am keen on capturing the truth, sometimes, not such a happy sight …”

Some of Jackson’s work was selected for Clubsnap Live at SAM and Noise Singapore 2009. His series titled “Escape from the concrete Jungle” picked up a prize at the 2009 Crowbar Awards.

Hong Kong at Work -featured above- is Jackson’s latest project which focuses on dedicated work ethics and the endless quest for a better life. “If you look at Hong Kong from the summit of Victoria Peak, you will see a prosperous city that is progressing at a fast rate, thanks to its shrewd investors,” he explains. “But if you take a stroll down Canton Road, even with the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Salvatore Ferragamo flanking the street, you will chance upon the main toiling underprivileged part of the population.”



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