Spotted! Alexander Lim


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Alex Lim is 26 and unemployed. He draws, he paints, and he is currently in his second year of reading The Brothers Karamazov, Part 2 – yes, he admits he is a slow reader.  His favorite YouTube clip is “The King Downloads Sony Vegas”.

Alex’s Profile (in his own words):

  • I look like an animal
  • I am grittier than sandpaper
  • Firehouse’s ‘Love of a Lifetime‘ makes my hips pulsate like a giant vein on a cow three times the size of the Earth
  • I am more original than Def Leppard with a one-handed drummer -I love you Rick Allen
  • I also have a deep interest in plate tectonics, nature, and conservation
  • David Attenborough is my hero


Alex about drawing: “Drawing comes from deviations of reality, not as a means of escape, but rather an intentional skewing, because there is no point being inhibited by the exciting happenings of day-to-day existence. The less you know, the more you’ll make, destroy everything you know, everything is fake.”



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