Spotted! Yu Jie Wu



17-year-old student Yu Jie, developed an interest in photography at age 14. One year later, he delved into the conceptual art of the 60s and 70s.

From early 2009 onwards, what started out as a simple experiment for Yu Jie, was elaborated into three concurrent series. Keeping in line with the use of time and motion, the themes developed include “Time as Motion”, “Time as Repetition” and “Time as Change”. In this way, time actually becomes a medium, like a paintbrush, and the camera the tool to capture the results.

Yu Jie’s body of work was recently on display at the 2010 Noise Singapore Festival Showcase.  “Since February of 2009, my work has been conditioned by the same phenomena that govern the lives of most people, repetition and patterns,” she adds. “Instead of crying out against this state of existence, I aim to beautify repetition and routine. I had begun experimenting with motion, but found the linear progression of images to be stifling. A break-through came when I created the piece, “Traces of a Fruit Fly in the Plastic Box a Watch Came In”, the first in a new body of work which displayed images occurring in a period of time simultaneously, allowing for different interpretations of movement and time.

“I began by taking a number of photographs of one scene (changing scenes or moving when required), ranging from 12 to over 300 images. With computer software, they are batch-processed, focusing mainly on altering color and saturation, but never modifying the relative contrast between photographs. They are then placed into almost-square digital canvases, and then printed as canvas prints and mounted.”



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