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bursting forth by ryant

ri4nt is a 25-year-old working professional, who enjoys balancing work with his take at graphic art and photography. In search for inspiration, he ventures off deep into the fabrics of the garden / lion / transformation city, equipped with nothing but his nifty camera named snappy, and a bit of cash in hand to purchase another one of them design magazines – he likes those. “I have humble dreams to one day own my own design firm. I would like to create affordable, everyday products, designed to improve the life of people and the environment”, ri4nt adds.

ri4nt’s work -Bursting Forth- received a Merit Prize in the Noise 2010 Celebration Themed Category. “The illustration depicts the synergized burst of energy expected to take place through the numerous sport events during the 2010 Youth Olympics. I enjoy how the black and white elements radiate both intricacy and simplicity – and a dash of colour by the side standing as the focal point highlighting when the eyes of the World will once again cast onto Singapore.”



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