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Ceriph began as a non-profit project between three undergraduates, who noticed friends and acquaintances creating poetry, prose, and photography that deserved to be shared. They began a search for a space in print that was accessible to non-professional local writers, that was neither too formal nor flippant.

The inaugural issue of Ceriph is a compilation of poems, short fiction, pictures and non-fiction, telling quiet stories across busy cities, a thread that binds these tales into a book. The independently published Issue Zero features the works of Laremy Lee, Desirée Lim, Sudev S., Mark Lam, Shane Pereira, Lee Fur-Fur, Cai Li Xian, Ng Yiqin, Andrew Robert Ng, Sharlene Teo, Riot, Captain Crash, Jonah Sun, Wei Fen Lee, Ang Shao-Wen and Linette Lim.

Ceriph’s book launch will kick off at 7:30pm on 12 March at BooksActually. Join the facebook page for updates, or just cross out the date on your calendar.

  • What a nice idea…

  • What a nice idea…


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