Amit Virmani’s Cowboys in Paradise

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Thousands of women travel to Bali each year in search of paradise. And many find it in the arms of  the Kuta Cowboys. Masters at peddling the holiday-romance concoction, these bronzed beach ambassadors have made Bali one of the world’s leading destinations for female sex tourists.

Cowboys in Paradise is an independent feature documentary by Amit Virmani, that gets between the sheets of Bali’s male sex trade to reveal its most intimate secrets.

Amit’s film already picked up three nominations at the Asian Film of First Films, including Best Documentary and Best Director (Documentary).

Cowboys in Paradise will be screening locally this spring. Join the Facebook page for updates.

  • Anonymous

    hi amit virmany. you dont ever judge my country with your fuckin movie. and btw thank you very much for advertising bali more beside your own stupid country. and i know your d*ck cant even stand when you with balinese girl! thats why you made this movie lol. stupid fuckin cunt!

  • Gandhi

    Those beach cowboys are using a well known charm which link to black magic when approaching women on the beach. Usual targets would be singles and those travelling without the company of men. This is a fact widely known in Bali. To Amit, well done and you deserve an award for this work!!


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