Spotted! Joshua Tay



Joshua Tay is a freelance illustrator, looking to join a creative studio as a concept artist. In 2007, he was awarded second runner up in the Open Category of the Mangaka 07 Digital Arts competition. His work has been labeled as eastern influenced with a pinch of nostalgia.

Joshua about the featured works: “Heart in the City -top image- is a concept about a city powered up by an uncanny android girl – Nei.  The second work, titled Walking the Dog– comes with a short story:

“Are you going out with the dog again?, asks grandma.
“Yes, grandma. Just a short while”, San San replies.
“Don’t you know what time is it? It’s already so late! You are always walking the dog so late .. Why?!”, said Grandma, raising her voice.
“Well……”, San San doesn’t know how to reply.
Walking the dog? Is this even a dog? San San tried to take Mikey out for a walk in the afternoon before, but it got this nasty habit of gulping up pedestrians. The dog was rather cute initially, but is now getting a little out of control. Most recently, Mikey even ate San San’s boyfriend …
“I’ll be back in soon.” San San finally replied.



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