Spotted! Ashley Yeo

Ashely Yeo-5hf

Ashley Yeo-200

Ashley Yeo is a talented third-year Fine Arts student at LASALLE, graduating this May. She has a small but growing body of work that features some lovely paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Ashley has a penchant for Japanese visual culture, and likes to create work that reveals intimate engagements between fantastical characters. “I enjoy portraying secret chaos, and I attempt to embody beauty in a form of imperfection,” she adds. “I am also drawn to the unexpected, like how the cute is usually juxtaposed with gore in the recent uprising of pop surrealism, and I like the hidden factor of horror within beauty.”

The “10 aspects of death” is inspired by a project around the theme of Flight. “I was fascinated by the word Flight;  I guess I never really thought about death in that way, and it inspired me to work on a series around that theme. Flight is also indirectly linked to heaven, and I guess the route to heaven is through death …”

Click here to view the other works in the series.



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