Spotted! Snupped


Show your laptop some love. Treat it to something funky, and hopefully in return it will stop freezing on you. Snupped sleeves might be the answer. Bang on trend, they combine hot colors with a selection of fancy patterns, catering to style-conscious laptop cognoscenti like you and me.

Snupped is the brainchild of two friends, Darcy and Bryan. “It started a couple of years back, when we bought our first laptops,” Bryan explains. “We had snazzy looking gear, but the laptop bags provided were dull and boring looking. So, we decided to make our own, and sewed our first sleeve out of a curtain.”

Every design that leaves their hands is unique. That is because every Snupped case can be fully customized. “Unlike most other cases which are manufactured by anonymous and automated factory machines, ours our handmade by real humans,” Darcy adds. “Hence, our cases contain a secret ingredient not found in other cases – Love.”

The boys have updated their line of sleeves with a Mini series for your mobile gear. Check it out!



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