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SQ and Alex are the designers behind local menswear label,  Coupé-Cousu. Their design aesthetic favours understatement over complex detailing and unnecessary embellishments. Every piece of garment they create has to marry design and function. “This practicality perhaps came from our academic background in finance and business,” Alex adds. “To us, our challenge in design is a lot about engineering and creating interesting garments while respecting the constraints and structure necessary in contemporary menswear.”


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About the Geometry in Grey collection: “Using a material as stark and unassuming as a concrete block, Japan’s architect extraordinaire Tadao Ando created extremely clever and modern-looking architecture by playing with spatial aesthetics, natural light and geometry. For example, the calculated placement of concrete slabs with deference to the natural landscape creates interesting hues of greys and geometric shadow at different times of the day, resulting in architectural patterns that evolve constantly. Our collection draws inspiration from his expansive body of work and philosophy, utilising essentially plain, un-embellished fabrics and constructing them in a way to create depth. Through the interplay of angled geometrical shapes, tonal colour and textures, we aim to manifest the abstract notion of space and interpret shadow – both hallmarks of Ando’s work. These are done with high regard for the function and structure of the garments. Materials are also chosen to reflect Ando’s delicate balance of tradition and modernity, such as the use of synthetic fabrics on classic styles.”

The “Geometry in Grey” collection will be launched late April 2010 at Parco@Millenia.



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